Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Wall mounted electric heaters are heating units that are built into a wall or installed on the wall by using fasteners such as hooks. Usually, these heaters are inexpensive to purchase and fairly easy to install. In addition, the cost of running these heating units are quite economical for the average electricity consumer.

Electricity Usage of Electric Heaters

The majority of homeowners prefer to use wall mounted electric heaters for several reasons. First of all, the only task required to use these heaters is to just plug them in and turn them on. Once one of these heaters is on, it only takes several minutes for the unit to provide heat to an average sized room. Even if one lives in a region where electricity costs are relatively high, an electric heater is still cheaper to run than a propane or gas heater. And while electric heaters do use resources to operate, using electric varieties instead of gas ones are better on the environment. Homeowners should remember that regardless of the kind of wall heater they use, there is going to be associated fuel expenses. Regardless, the cost of running wall mounted electric heaters is not enormous.

Heater Wattage and Costs

After the consumer decides they want to buy a wall mounted heating unit, they should research the different models and their associated watts and purchasing cost. The typical price of a 1500-2000 watt wall mounted heater runs approximately $100CAD. Many of today's manufacturers of wall mounted electric heaters offer up to a 10-year warranty on the actual unit as well as a one-year limited warranty on the various internal parts of the unit. The majority of wall mounted heaters have a temperature control thermostat that works quite efficiently to keep the particular area where it is used at a steady, warm temperature. And even though most units do not have a blower, those that do have one work even better and faster. So it is certainly worth the consumers time and effort to locate a wall mounted heater with its own blower as opposed to purchasing a blower separately, which will end up costing more in total.

Installation of Electric Heaters

After the consumer buys the heating unit of their choice, there is little work involved before being able to enjoy the warm heat it will provide. Wall mounted electric heaters that are built into the wall must be inserted into a predetermined area in the wall. However, heating units that simply hook or fasten onto the wall can be placed virtually anywhere. This means if the homeowner decides to move their wall unit in the future, it will fairly simple to take the heater off of the hooks or fasteners and install the unit on another wall or in another room. Users should keep in mind that if they do decide to go the route of a wall mounted heater that runs off of gas, they will need the assistance of their gas company to come to their home in order to install a gas line before the homeowner will be able to enjoy their new heating unit.

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters