Wall Electric Heaters

When you want to heat a particular area of your home and have limited space to do so, an electric wall heater might be the way to go. These are ideal for situations where you have precious little floor space, nor the resources or space to install additional duct work and vents. They are also great for maximizing the amount of heat while running as efficient as possible. It can be easily installed in any room, and there are models which mount directly on the wall itself, as well as others which can be recessed. A variety of colors and styles will ensure that you will find a unit that suits your particular decor.

No matter what type of model you ultimately purchase, you will need a dedicated line of electricity to be available for only the heater. This can be 120Vac or 240Vac depending on the model you choose. It is very important that the heater be put on its own line, as it will use a modest amount of electricity and be likely to consistently pop a breaker with another appliance on the power feed.

Types Of Electric Heaters

There are two different distinct different kinds of wall heaters available for purchase. A convection heat unit works by using the natural flow of air as it is heated. Since heat rises, it relies on this to help move the air around the room. A radiant or infrared heat unit works differently in that the purpose is to heat objects rather than the air.

Which One is Best

What works best is going to depend on a couple of main factors. The first is location of the installation. Since a convection heater needs the warm air to rise, you will want to install this unit somewhere near the floor. A radiant model can be installed anywhere near the floor or ceiling and in between, but might not be ideal for the type of heating you are looking to get. Modern technology has produced some very affordable units which combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to get a much more efficient heat source.

Whether or not you will be installing the unit on the wall or in it will have an impact on the number of options. When opting for a recessed model, you can find affordable units that look like little more than a register on your wall with a thermostat knob on it. While slightly more complex in the installation, this can not only save space but make your home appear modern and up to date. If you hang the unit on the wall, you will always have the option of moving it at a later date without having to worry about repairing the drywall in your home.

Especially when choosing a unit which will have a recessed installation, you will want to go for quality over quantity. A cheaper unit may promise higher BTU's, but over time a noisy fan could be quite a nuisance. Since the installation will make it more of a permanent fixture in your home, it would be a wise move to choose a brand which has a longstanding history of making only quality products.

Wall Electric Heaters