Swimming Pool Electric Heaters

Swimming pool electric heaters, or heat pumps, take the heat out of the surrounding air and transfer said heat to the swimming pool water in order to allow people to swim comfortable regardless of the weather. The taken air is compressed, allowing its temperature to rise, and the water circulates in the pump's heat exchanger. During warmer weather, the water temperature gets much more warm as opposed to winter weather because the outdoor air temperature in winter is a lot colder.

The Cost of Swimming Pool Electric Heaters

It is much cheaper to operate a swimming pool heater that runs off of electricity instead of one that calls for propane. Because gas heaters burn through their power source quickly, owners of these devices can expect to spend up to $3000CAD per year in order to heat their pool. Even though some people choose to make upgrades to their heating system as a way of combating high power costs, swimming pool electric heaters are a less expensive option.

However, many consumers buy gas-powered heaters because electric variates tend to be more costly to purchase and install. The cost of electric pumps can be 3-4 times greater than the price of gas pumps, which is a deterrent for many people. Regardless, consumers should take into consideration that electric heaters boast more economical running costs that gas heaters. Those who purchase electric heaters will end up paying for them in savings over the course of approximately five years. In other words, electric pump consumers are actually making an investment.

Performance Issues

It is plain to see the many benefits of owning an electric pool heater. Of course, there are a few disadvantage to electric heater ownership, specifically in terms of year-round performance. But gas pool heaters are able to better maintain a steady level of heat during all types of seasonal weather. Because of these attributes, some consumers install gas and electric heaters for their pools, using the electric one as the main heat source and the gas one temperature booster.

Although using a combination of heating methods is a perfect solution for some people, it is not for those who do not swim in their pool throughout the entire year. Many people to not enjoy swimming in an outdoor pool if the weather outside is cold, regardless of the pool water's temperature. For those swimmers, dealing with swimming pool electric heaters and their struggle with maintaining the water temperature is not a problem.

Swimming pool electric heaters are overall highly effective for providing heat to pool water and in addition, these heaters offer consumers a significant amount of financial savings when chosen over gas pump heaters. Even though the initial cost of getting an electric heater is somewhat high, the efficient technology is well worth the cost as well as the fact that the electric heater does not cost as much money to use.

Swimming Pool Electric Heaters