Small Electric Heaters

Oftentimes a homeowner or tenant will not want to invest a great deal of money into an electric heater or only require that a small amount of space be kept warm. There is an entire market for these consumers in creating stylish units that get the job done while still being affordable. Size is another of the options you have when choosing a space heater, there are models that can easily fit on a small shelf in the bathroom and others large enough to heat an entire house. There are also small models available which can be installed as a permanent fixture in your home, out of the way and very reliable.

Baseboard and Wall Electric Heaters

If you are looking for a small electric heater as a long term solution, then you might want to consider either the wall mounted or baseboard models available. These range in size but all provide relatively the same function. Baseboard heaters are the more efficient of the two since heat rises natural so there is less of a need for a powerful fan. This results in quieter operation, along with the benefit of taking very little of your valuable space.

Wall heaters are getting thinner as technology improves. Flush mount units can be easily installed between the studs beneath the drywall, and are available in a variety of contemporary styles. There are also models which can be hung on the wall, with the advantage of being easy to install, while high enough to circulate air above any obstructions.

Oil filled and Ceramic Electric Heaters

By far the most efficient, the oil filled and ceramic heaters work by heating up a substance which holds the heat for a longer period of time, and radiates this out into the room. When you need a unit that is small and compact, these are the best choice when it comes to terms of safety. Compared to other heaters, the surface temperature of these units is relatively low, so there is less concern for use in a cramped environment. When used for longer periods of time, these will cost you the least as far as your utility bills are concerned.

Infrared or Reflective Electric Heaters

By heating objects rather than air, this style of heaters will provide much quicker relief from the bitter cold. There are small models available that are perfect for only a couple people needing to stay warm in a small area. They are very easily portable, and even function well in an outdoor environment. Wind does not affect the heating capabilities, so there are even small models available for your patio. If you need a small heater for a garage work shop or other dusty environment, these work well as there will not be dust blown around or filters to clean regularly. For long term solutions, there are many wall and ceiling mountable units which are small enough to remain out of the way throughout the year when not in use.

When selecting a heater for your needs, always keep safety in mind. Consider anything flammable which might be nearby, and buy the right sized model for your area to be heated. In the long run, you will save on energy costs by selecting a model which does not have to work overtime to get the job done right.

Small Electric Heaters