Room Electric Heaters

Room electric heaters are an excellent way to quickly warm any room in a home without the costliness of a central heating system. Those who want a better heating solution should consider the following 10 reasons for using room electric heaters this winter.

Efficiency, Low Cost and convenience

A heater's efficiency level is measured in terms of its generated amount of heat in comparison to its consumed fuel supply. Because electricity is 100 percent efficient, an electric room heater's input is almost equal to its output.

Typically, room electric heaters put out 1.5 kilowatts of heating capacity. Taking into consideration that the average per kilowatt hour in Canada is $0.12CAD, a standard heater only costs 12 cents per hour to use. And small room electric heaters can be purchased for under $20CAD, allowing consumers on a budget to enjoy the benefits of heat without being financially burdened.

Most room electric heaters weigh five kilograms or less. This means that a space heater is easier to transport from room to room than a full load of clean laundry. Consumers who choose to buy a small fireplace heater find their heater usually comes equipped with wheels for easy portability.

Safety, Usability and Storage

All C-LU listed room electric heaters on the market go through rigorous testing to ensure safety. However, most problems arise when users to not observe basic safety rules such as keeping the heater away from furniture and drapes. Unfortunately, many fires stem from people not adhering to this all important rule.

Also, one should never put too much strain on their home's electric wiring. It is advised to not plug too many appliances into the outlet where the space heater is connected as well as to refrain from overusing extension cords. Regardless of a house's wiring condition, it is always a good practice to use a surge protector or power strip in conjunction with a room heater.

Electric heaters are simple to use; simply plug them in and turn them on. Even though it is a good idea to read the manual that comes along with a heater, it does not take a strong science background to operate one. Small to medium sized heaters do not require a lot of space in order to store them when not in use. Even the tiniest of closets have enough space to store one of these heating units.

Versatility and Heating a Defined Space

There is a seemingly endless range of room heaters to suit the needs of any homeowner. From compact electric heaters to decorative fireplaces, the options are bountiful. Infrared dish heaters are ideal for heating a workbench; convection heaters with a fan are perfect for large, open rooms.

Instead of using a central heating system to bring warmth to an entire a home, electric room heaters can be placed in several rooms, which helps cut costs for those whose home activities happen in only a few areas of their home. This can cut down on the exceedingly high heating bills that plague everyone during the wintertime.

Room Electric Heaters