Residential Electric Heaters

Residential electric heaters are highly effective in keeping homes warm during cold weather. Besides their functional purpose, electric heaters do not consume an excessive amount of energy because they heat only certain parts of a house. With central heat, the house will use much more energy in comparison to space heaters because a central heating system is designed to heat a very large space.

Types of Residential Electric Heaters

Manufactures make several types of residential heaters, such as convection heaters and radiant heaters. Convection electric heaters are built to bring warmth to an entire room regardless of the room's size. The convection type is ideal for people who are constantly moving around when at home. On the other hand, radiant electric heaters are better used for heating specific areas of a room. Radiant heaters come in several varieties; however, water-filled and oil-filled units tend to be the most efficient. Anyone who is thinking about buying a few residential electric heaters for their home should weigh the pros and cons of these units before purchasing one.

Pros of Residential Electric Heaters:

Cons of Residential Electric Heaters:

The following are few safety guidelines every user should put into practice:

Residential Electric Heaters