Radiant Electric Heaters

When trying to find a heating unit that is as energy efficient as possible, your first choice is going to be the radiant electric heater. These are a good choice for heating a cold corner in a room or office as well as providing heat for a short period of time. There are also a lot of portable models available, for those of you who intend to make use of the unit in the place you need it most at the time. Without the need of a fan to force air movement, you will retain humidity in the air making for a much more comfortable setting than the dry heat produced by units which require a fan to blow the air.

Heating Your Home

In the past, radiant heat was not considered to be a viable solution when heating your whole home. Some rather innovative companies have changed this. There are now units available which mount high on the wall, and are aimed down towards the general living area. With stylish enclosures, they can be made to match any room decor, and the red glow is completely hidden from view. These large units have the advantage of covering a wide area at one time. With the infrared characteristics of this type of heating, you can get a room to the desired temperature in a relatively short amount of time.

Garage Electric Heaters

When keeping a garage or workshop at an ideal temperature, a radiant heater just might be the perfect choice. Since the unit does not employ a fan, sawdust and other particles are not made airborne. You also will not have to constantly clean the fan or filter when working in a dirty environment. Since they heat up quickly, there is no need to have the heating unit on constantly, you can simply switch it on when you are ready to work on your project, and shut it off to save electricity. The smaller units can easily be aimed due to the way they transfer heat. This way you are not wasting electricity on areas in the garage you have no need to heat.

Portable Electric Heaters

While the whole home heating units are quite impressive, the most common and probably best way to use a radiant heater is to buy a portable model. Since they will quickly heat whatever they are pointed at, you can deliver the needed heat where ever it is required in a short amount of time. Manufacturers have begun making units that are more stylish, and will look less out of place when tucked away in a corner while not in use. Unlike other types of heaters, these can also be used outdoors such as on a patio. Since the heat is directed in one direction, it matters less that you are in an open environment.

When buying a radiant electric heater, you will find that there are essentially three different kinds that work roughly the same way. Some send current through a quartz tube or a ribbon element, and use reflective material to direct the heat. Others use a high powered bulb and direct the heat in much the same manner.

Radiant Electric Heaters