Quartz Electric Heaters

Quartz electric heaters have enjoyed immense popularity ever since the day they were put on the store shelves in the 1980s. A lot of consumers appreciate these heaters' ease of installation, attractiveness of appearance and cheapness of operation. The majority of quartz electric heaters come equipped with quartz bulbs that are placed directly in front of the unit's reflective area. Most of these heaters are created with design appeal in mind and just like any other type of space heater, portability and no assembly required are two very appealing features. All that one needs to do is plug the heater into an electrical outlet and turn on the unit's power.

Quartz Electric Heaters and Infrared Heating

One of the main aspects of quartz heaters one needs to know is that these heating devices only warm objects that are right in front of them. In other words, infrared heaters are unable to completely and immediately warm a room. Even so, the heat begins to produce almost immediately. There are several benefits to infrared heating sources such as their ability to warm people who are mainly stationary and not moving about too much. In addition, quartz infrared heaters are excellent supplements to, and replacements for, central heating systems.

More Benefits of Quartz Electric Heaters

Anyone who wishes to feel heat immediately after stepping indoors after being outdoors for an extended period of time will enjoy the fact that they can instantly feel heat being created from these heating units. Quartz infrared heaters are highly useful to those who want to heat their outside entertaining spaces, making these devices ideal for use on balconies and patios. Even though quartz heaters will produce heat for anyone sitting or standing near them, these heaters do not use an excessive amount of energy by attempting to heat the surrounding air.

The Disadvantage of Quartz Electric Heaters

The main disadvantage of quartz electric heaters only applies to those equipped with a thermostat control. When the thermostat reaches a certain temperature and shuts off the unit in order to maintain said temperature, the coldness can quickly be felt. Irregardless, those who want a heater that is sturdy, portable and attractive should definitely consider researching more about the available quartz electric heaters on the market; they are simply an excellent value.

Prices and Warranties of Quartz Electric Heaters

Although quartz heaters are a little more costly to purchase than space heaters warmed via alternative methods, these heaters tend to last a long time and as such, they are protected by a long warranty period. Even better, these heaters have highly safe power controls built into them. For instance, when a quartz heater is accidentally tipped, the shutoff switch is triggered and the unit will be automatically turned off. However, these heaters are built to be sturdy so accidental knock overs are not much of an issue. And because the internal parts are enclosed in certain metals that do not get hot quickly, quartz electric heaters are perfect for homes where children or pets live.

Quartz Electric Heaters