Portable Electric Heaters

One of the most affordable ways to heat areas of your home or workspace is a portable electric heater. This is because you will only be heating the area you need, and not wasting electricity on the areas not being used. There are also a great deal of options when choosing a unit like this, from type of heating provided to the overall look and feel.

Even a small electric coil type unit can warm a small room very quickly. Most often you will want to place the appliance on the ground, as the heat will rise to warm the room most efficiently. There are other options however, and your choice is going to depend on a few factors, such as whether or not this is a long term option for the space you want to heat.

Convection Electric Heaters

This type of heater is best suited for when you will be using it as a heat source for a long period of time. While taking longer to heat up, once the unitreaches the proper temperature it can be maintained for a long time while using relatively little electricity. Definitely one of the more efficient options out there, it also has the advantage of not forcing the air to move, which can be undesirable in certain settings. Generally, when choosing this tyoe of heater you will have two main choices, the oil-filled units, and the ceramic models.

Fan-Forced Electric Heaters

When you want to raise the temperature rather quickly, this type of model will be your best option. By blowing the air across the heating elements and out into the room, the effect can be felt immediately. The heating element itself also reaches operating temperature much faster than the convection models. Over time though, this method of heating is slightly less efficient. If you have papers or other light objects laying around you will also have to consider this before making a purchase. A cluttered room or office space might not be suitable for this kind of arrangement.

Radiant Electric Heaters

Radiant heaters are also called infrared or reflective heaters and typically only heat the direction the unit is faced. Like the convection models, this kind of unit is silent operating, but has the advantage of heating faster. These are best suited when it is only one or two people needing the heat for only a couple of hours. If you are needing to heat an entire living or work space, then you might want to consider choosing one of the other two main kinds of heaters.

Keep in mind that there are also panel heaters that combine the best of both worlds by quickly providing radiant heat, and slowly warming up ceramic plates to heat the entire room. By far more efficient than any other kind, even though there is a higher starting price.

Safety First

While it is required to be on just about any unit, always make sure you purchase a model with the fail safes you need. Many will have a thermostat, and certain types of models will have a shut off switch if they get knocked over. Always remember to plug the unit directly into the wall, as not all extension cords are suited for the type of power needed to run an electric heater. The cord can heat up, and in some cases catch objects on fire. Never leave a portable heater unattended, and make sure your smoke alarms are functioning properly.

Portable Electric Heaters