Patio Electric Heaters

To make use of your patio through as much of the year as possible, you are going to need a way to keep it warm during those harsh winter months. You will be surprised to learn that there are an almost endless variety of choices when it comes to the look and style of an electric patio heater. Most all of these will rely on radiant heat as the method of warming the area. This is because radiant heat is directed at a specific object or location, and does not rely on bringing the air around it up to the proper temperature. This means that even in the coldest times of the year, a few people can sit in front of one of these and feel the heat just as if being close to an open flame.

Tabletop Electric Heater Models

For those with a limited amount of space, or even a great deal of space and several tables, these types of patio heaters are right for you. Most often they are made to be contemporary and stylish, while offering heat to all those sitting at the table for a get together. You will find that portability is one of the perks of these units, since while heavy enough to avoid easy tipping, they are still light enough for just about anyone to move to another table. There are models built to look like a regular lamp, and plenty of models which actually to provide light as well as heat.

Infrared Electric Heaters

When looking for a more permanent solution, or more prolonged use, then an infrared patio heater might just be right for you. You will find many different styles, but the more popular variety tends to be those which mount on a wall, much like an outside flood light. This way the area to be heated can be selecting by aiming the box towards the desired area. Infrared spreads from the unit, so that it can cover a much wider area than a person would think. A freestanding unit can also be found if you want to use the heater in an area where there are no walls or posts for mounting.

Choosing an Electric Heater

When choosing a heater for your patio, you will want to measure and consider the amount of area you would like to keep warm. Remember that wind does not affect the performance of these models, although people outside might still experience the chill. For those with pets or small children, a wall hanging unit might be the best choice. For small areas for 2-4 people, the tabletop models might just be right for you. You are also going to consider the location this heat source will be placed. If farther away from the seating area, you will want to purchase a model with a higher BTU rating than others. With so many options available, you will be sure to find a model which suits your tastes in style, as well as providing enough heat for everyone to sit comfortably while enjoying the outdoors.

Patio Electric Heaters