Panel Electric Heaters

At some point, a homeowner will need to upgrade their home's heating system. This leaves the homeowner with one of two choices – install a central heating system or renovate the existing radiators. Panel electric heaters are a great choice for those who are faced with this home maintenance issue. Al that is needed to an install a panel heater is to attach the included brackets on a wall close to an electrical outlet. Once that is done, the unit can be hung, plugged in and turned on. Panel electric heaters give a room warm heat in a quick manner.

Thermostat Controls, Materials and Wattage

Panel electric heaters are highly efficient due to their thermostat controls that maintain a stable room temperature. Depending on the model, the user can enjoy 24-hour digital timers, run back timers or single to four-zone pilot wire programs. All of the above features give the user total control over their panel heater's output.

Today's panel electric heaters are made to stand the test of time and consist of materials such as steel casting and temperature resistant thermoplastic parts. In addition, there is virtually no maintenance required. The typical panel units range from 500 watts to 2000 watts for heating small bathrooms to spacious living areas.


There are plenty of options for anyone who considers "attractiveness" to be a determining factor in their electric heater purchasing decision. No matter what size one needs for their home, there are quite a few varieties such as forced-air heaters and infrared heaters, all of which come in styles to suit almost any decor scheme.

Running Costs

Of course, the cost of electricity is certainly a key point when selecting from the many panel electric heaters in the stores. Small panel heating units are relatively thin, plug straight into any electrical outlet and are perfect for warming rooms that tend to be drafty as well as evenly radiate heat throughout large rooms. Areas that are very hard to keep warm, such as dens and garages, usually benefit from large panel heaters with high wattage outputs.

Installation and Maintenance

Thankfully, the panel electric heaters currently available on the market are not only easy to install but also lightweight. The radiators of yesteryear were know for their difficult installation process as well as their tendency to quickly rust and demand a high level of maintenance. Modern electric heaters come in a wide variety of shapes to fit the smallest of rooms and doorways, allowing homeowners to enjoy heat anywhere in their house.

Because these electric heating units can be easily mounted in any room, the heat coming out of the panel can be distributed in any direction to allow for high efficiency in big areas. Even better, panel heaters are well-known for their flexibility as they are easy to adjust. If the user wishes to change the unit's setting or shift its position, there is no need for professional builders to come in and move them, which saves money on what would be a potentially hefty bill.

Panel Electric Heaters