Outdoor Electric Heaters

Outdoor electric heaters are an effective heating solution for anyone who loves being outside. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of outdoor heaters in the form of commercial heaters, tabletop heaters, portable heaters and other residential units. The key aspects to look for when purchasing outdoor electric heaters are their safety, efficiency, utility and size.

A Quick Comparison of Electric vs Gas

One of the main purchasing factors for consumer is whether they want an electric heater or a gas heater. While outdoor heaters powered by gas are relatively economical and can be directly connected to a house's natural gas supply line or a portable propane tank, many consumers prefer outdoor electric heaters. With outdoor electric heaters, users appreciate the easy convenience of electricity, the low cost of purchasing and operating and the maintenance-free enjoyment. Furthermore, gusts of wind do not effect an electric unit's heat supply unlike its gas-powered counterparts.

Those who choose to buy a gas-powered unit can find models that run off of natural gas or even a disposable propane tank. Even though many consumers tout the "quietness" benefit of gas heaters, there are plenty of electric models for tabletops and patios that operate silently. While today's outdoor electric heaters are built to withstand many environmental conditions, cover the heater when it is not being used in order to protect it from insects, dust and weather elements.

Heater Technology and Features

The first aspect to consider is figuring out what type of heater best suits the consumer's needs and how the specific kind of heater will work in the setting for which it is purchased. For example, there are differences in terms of size and wattage between commercial heaters and residential heaters. Generally, residential buyers' needs are best met by fully assembled outdoor electric heaters that are able to provide a comfortable heat level over an extended amount of time. The latest technology includes automatic shutoff, a one-touch power button, wind deflection and reduced heat waste.

Size Matters but Does Not Dictate

A consumer's space constraints do not have to dictate whether or not they have room for a heater. One popular option for those with little room to spare are portable outdoor electric heaters made of weather-resistant stainless steel; these heaters are ideal for travel and camping and can be plugged right into a motor vehicle's power supply. Tabletop outdoor electric heaters are perfect for small patios or other outdoor areas around the home.

Must-Have Safety Features

When shopping around for outdoor electric heaters, there are some safety features that must not be overlooked. Take a close look at each particular model's safety aspects regardless of the unit's power source or size. A few of the important safety features to have in an outdoor heater are an automatic shutoff device that immediately turns of the electric heater in the event that an animal or person accidentally knocks over the unit. For those considering a gas-powered unit, many models include a low oxygen shutoff sensor when the unit is used in an enclosed space.

Outdoor Electric Heaters