Oil Filled Electric Heaters

The expense of heating an entire home can be quite high. Those who live in colder regions are well-aware of how expensive and unpredictable heating bills can be. In addition, large houses tend to take a long time to heat and the process of doing so is inefficient. This is why many homeowners think that the only remedy is to install a new central heating system; however, there is a better, cheaper and easier solution – oil filled electric heaters.

Oil Filled Heaters vs. Other Types of Heaters

Homes with more than one story are hard to heat via gas or regular electric heaters. A house's age is another factor that plays a role in how long it takes and how expensive it is to heat a home. Usually, an older home is not insulated as well as it could be and therefore, much of the warmth given off by a heater is lost as it escapes through the roof, windows and walls.

Portable Oil Filled Electric Heaters

One of the best aspects of oil filled electric heaters is that they are capable of quickly heating any room where they are being used. The majority of homeowners tend to not use every room in their house at one time, which makes central heating systems a waste of money and power. Oil filled electric heaters are able to provide heat can be utilized anywhere there is an electrical outlet. This makes oil filled heaters much more efficient than baseboard heaters, which are only able to be installed around the room's perimeter; this causes the room to experience cold spots. Thankfully, oil filled heating units are able to be placed wherever the user desires. In addition, these kinds of heaters are safer because they can be ran all throughout the day and the night, with or without the supervision of the user. Some models even have programmable timers that give the homeowner the control over when and how long the heater is on, allowing the homeowner to save more money.

Money Savers

Perhaps the most positive benefit of oil filled electric heaters is how much money they save the user. These heaters are not only inexpensive to purchase but also last a long time. The average oil filled heating unit costs 50 percent less than other types of residential heaters. Now, homeowners no longer have to dread the bitter cold and costly expense that comes along with the winter months because there is a more efficient alternative to the traditional oil burning heating systems of yesteryear.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition, oil filled electric heaters aer somewhat environmentally friendly because these heaters are more energy efficient and accessible than other kinds of household heating units. While those who reside in an relatively old home may consider updating their heating system, the process of doing so is not cost effective or time efficient. This is why more and more people are choosing to go the route of oil filled electric heaters – the quicker and easier solution.

Oil Filled Electric Heaters