Oil Electric Heaters

When searching for a heating solution to use in your home, you will find a rather large variety of products to choose from. When looking to heat a small to medium sized area while maintaining the highest energy efficiency possible, you might want to consider purchasing an oil filled electric heater. Most often these units are portable, fitted with lockable roller wheels to make moving from room to room as painless as possible.

Safety of Oil Electric Heaters

Due to the nature of the design, the oil filled variety of electric heaters are considered to one of the safest options available. They work to produce radiant heat by warming the oil to the desired temperature. The unit can be placed in a small area with the least risk of a fire hazard. Generally, the surface temperatures are much lower, so less concern is needed when deciding on a suitable location. Air flow is less of a concern as the unit will produce heat that radiates out from the heater itself. This will provide a more comfortable atmosphere than fan based units as the loss of humidity will not be as great. All new units should include a fail safe so when and if the heater is tipped, the automatic shut off will kick in.

Efficiency of Oil Electric Heaters

The heater works by gradually bringing the oil up to the desired temperature. An oil filled heater might take a few moments longer to reach operating temperature, but is capable of maintaining that comfort level for quite some time. This is due to the oil being used which has a high rate of heat absorption. Once the oil is heated, only a relatively small amount of electricity will be needed to keep the temperature at the desired range. Without the need for a fan, the need to have the unit running constantly is eliminated. The oil in the unit is self contained, so does not burn up or ever need to be replaced. All that is required is perhaps dusting off once in awhile to maintain appearances. This high energy efficiency as well as the safety features are why oil filled heaters should be considered as one of your top choices.

Choices of Oil Electric Heaters

Modern technology has come a long way, many units have a digital thermostat while some even include a fan to increase the cubic footage which can be heated. This is not necessary of course, as most often these units are chosen to heat small areas which seem unable to keep up with the main heating system of the home. By not having a fan, a user will have more choices when considering where to place the unit itself. Papers on a desk will not blow away, and there will not be a filter or fan to clean out if using in a dusty environment.

There are also a large variety of colors and styles to choose from so that no matter who does your decorating, there will be a model that fits your style. Seldom will you find a model that can be considered bulky, as there are few parts to the unit. Since they are often highly portable, the unit can be easily tucked away when not in use.

Oil Electric Heaters