Non Electric Heaters

Space heaters are heating units designed to bring constant warmth to a certain area of a house or office space. These heating devices can also be used in order to bring additional heat in drafty areas of buildings that already have working central heating systems. The majority of heaters are made to be portable and have an easy-to-use power switch. With all of the options on the market, it is imperative to determine where the heater will be placed before purchasing one. Once that decision is made, one must match the space to the proper type of unit.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters take electricity and convert said energy into heat. Those who wish to purchase a space heater that runs off of electricity have three main choices. The first type of electric heater is called a convection heater. Convection heaters are designed to recycle the heat throughout the room in which it is used by warming the air in the space. These heaters have fans that can be utilized for not only heating a room during the winter but also cooling a room during the summer.

Fan heaters are other kinds of electric heaters. Similar to convection heaters, fan heaters use internal fans in order to circulate heat in a space; however, fan heaters are able to heat an area faster than their convection counterparts. But fan heaters tend to make more noise than convection ones so consumers who enjoy silence may not want to go the route of fan heaters.

The last type of electric heater is the radiant heater. Radiant heaters are the only kind of electric heaters that do not rely on a fan in order to distribute heat. Instead, these heaters create infrared light that makes heat. Those who are considering buying radiant electric heaters should be aware that out of all three types, radiant heaters take the longest to warm an area. In addition, they are rather loud. On the plus side, radiant heating devices are lightweight and ideal for heating small, enclosed spaces.

Non Electric Heaters

Non electric heaters do not use electricity as their power source. Instead, non electric heaters utilize gas or wood. There are three kinds of non electric heaters. The first kind is the kerosene heater that uses a wick soaked in kerosene provided by a refillable container. Kerosene heaters have the capability to give heat to large areas; however, these heaters do not have ventilators, which means they release a great deal of pollutants.

Natural gas heaters are the second kind of non electric heaters. Natural gas heating devices run off of propane or natural gas. A few models come equipped with oxygen depletion sensors that will immediately turn off the device when the room's oxygen levels become too low.

The last of the non electric heaters on the list are wood burning heaters. These heaters work much like standard fireplaces. As a matter of fact, those who are in the market for a wood burning heater will need to have a chimney system already in place.

Non Electric Heaters