Infrared Electric Heaters

When shopping for an efficient way to quickly bring an area to a comfortable temperature, the infrared electric heater just might be right for you. These heaters work by sending heat directed at objects, so that wind or drafts have no effect on the efficiency. Due to the nature of the design, there are no limits to how low to the ground or close to the ceiling the unit has to be. They are suitable for use in workshops or garages as they do not require use of a fan which would blow sawdust and other debris. Being that they work even in the coldest areas, a heater of this type can even be used outdoors such as on a deck or patio.

For your home

For use inside the home there are a few choices available to you. There are manufacturers who produce stylish units, which resemble little more than a speaker, and can be mounted on any location on the wall. They can cover a wide area as the distance affected increases the further away from the unit itself. There are very few restrictions on mounting location, so can easily be incorporated into any home design. Air flow is not a problem as you will be able to aim the heater in the desired direction.

Portable Electric Heaters

Since they provide heat much quicker than the average space heater, many people purchase a portable infrared heater to be comfortable when and where they want to. There are a lot of choices when it comes to power, size and even style so you are sure to find a unit that will work for you. These are especially ideal when it will be used for just a couple of people sitting near each other, and is highly efficient as the unit is not working to heat the entire room.

Patio Heating with Electric Heaters

These heaters have long been used at various bus stops during the colder parts of the year, and technology has come to a point where you can even purchase these for your deck or patio. You will be able to find small units which mount on a wall or post to look like a standard floodlight, or freestanding models which look more like a lamp. There are even tabletop versions which are perfect for just providing a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Wind will not affect the heat provided, even though people outside might still get a little chill.

Industrial Electric Heaters

Typically a warehouse will be rather cold as there is little in the way of insulation. In many cases fans are not a viable option especially when working with paint or in a wood shop. This makes infrared a good choice in the industrial environment. Without having to keep a fan clear of debris, there is little maintenance required. The ability to mount the unit overhead and direct the heat where needed is yet another advantage. Floor space can be maximized when the unit is completely out of the way. Being powered by electricity, there is no need for the storage of fuel which can save time as well as being very convenient.

Infrared Electric Heaters