Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial work is usually done in a building with little to no insulation such as a warehouse. There are often a lot of materials stored there which can be very sensitive to changes in temperature. Workers will also need to not be bundled up so they can move easier and perform the duties required by the job at hand. Most often this is all done in a rather large area which is why an industrial strength electric heater is important. There are several options available, and the one most suited for your needs will vary depending on a couple of factors.

Forced Air Electric Heaters

If the area you are heating is a place such as a shipping or receiving area, then the forced air variety might be the right choice. The unit incorporates a fan to blow air across the heating elements and sends it in the desired direction. This is useful when you want to heat the air in a larger area. By using this method, the humidity is lowered in the heated area, so might not be suitable for all applications. Sawdust and other work related debris will cause a heater of this type to need more frequent cleaning in order to maintain proper efficiency.

Infrared Electric Heaters

When needing to heat an area such as a woodworking shop, the infrared heater would be suitable since it does not need air to move in order to provide heat. This means that dust and debris are not a factor, and also won't be stirred up every time you turn on the heat. These units are directional, so can easily be mounted on a ceiling or anywhere without obstructions. Since objects are heated rather than air, a concrete slab can be warmed gradually, making the area more comfortable for the workers. Of all the types of industrial heaters, these provide immediate heat faster than all others, so there is no warm up time needed.

Oil or Ceramic Electric Heaters

For applications that cannot use a fan forced model, and need to heat the entire area for longer periods of time, an oil filled or ceramic radiant heater would be the perfect choice. While needing time to heat up in order to properly heat the area, they are much more efficient when left running for prolonged periods of time. These are also the safest types of units available, as the surface temperature is much lower than others. This greatly reduces the risk of fire when used in an area with combustible materials.

The Right Choice

Ultimately, you are going to have to consider all of the above before making a final decision. In many cases, the types of work areas are quite diverse, so more than one of the above options might be needed in order to have a proper heating system. Some industrial settings are quite large, so there will be a need for more than one of any type of unit, so efficiency must be kept in mind in order to get the lowest cost on utility bills. Carefully measure the area and evaluate your needs so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing your electric industrial heater.

Industrial Electric Heaters