Garage Electric Heaters

These days it is becoming for more common for the garage to be used as other than a place for parking or storage. Many families use the garage as a laundry room, workshop, or even convert the entire room into an extra bedroom or play area for children. Due to the intended use during construction, a garage will typically be much draftier and far less insulated than the other rooms in your house. This can make your extra space less comfortable in the winter months, but can be easily remedied with the simple addition of an electric garage heater.

When selecting a unit to install in your garage, there are essentially three different types to choose from.

Forced Air Garage Heater

This type of unit functions much like the models of the same name for your home. These work with convection to force the air past a heating element, and are ideal for enclosed spaces. While probably the most efficient choice, there is the added cost of installation as many units will require both an electrical outlet and a gas line. This means that you are going to have to hire a professional to do the installation safely, and will add to the overall cost. This choice will move the air, and it will typically be warmer at the ceiling rather than at your feet by the design of the system

Infrared Garage Heater

For those of you that use your garage for woodworking, you may want to choose this option. Since it will heat objects rather than air, you will not have to deal with dust being blown around and clogging any filters in your unit. You will want to blow it clean before turning it on, to eliminate any material which could cause an unpleasant odor. The effect of this type of heating is felt less quickly, because it takes longer to heat an object rather than air. Once the floor begins to heat up however, the effect will be much longer lasting. Before installation, you will have to consider the amount of space you have to spare since objects too close could possibly ignite through long term exposure.

Electric Garage Heater

If you do body work on your automobile, then an electric model will be your choice. Burning any sort of fuel does put moisture into the air, which you most certainly want to avoid. These units are available in fixed installation, as well as portable models so your options are much more open. The flexibility of being able to move your heat source around the room will be very useful if using your garage as a workshop. If you have converted the room to an indoor living space, then you might want to consider a fixed installation model, and choose one that goes with your decor.

In each of the three main types, you will have a number of options in between. As long as you know what you will using your space for, it should be easy to determine which type is best for you. To decide what size of a unit you need, consider that 45,000 BTU is good for up to a two and a half car garage. Anything larger, and you will need to get a larger model.

Garage Electric Heaters