Forced Air Electric Heaters

The benefits of controlling the temperature of a home via forced air as opposed to outdated ways of controlling a home's temperature are numerous. Forced air electric heaters are more stable, energy efficient and affordable to repair than their radiant heating counterparts. Homeowners appreciate the fact that maintaining forced air electric heaters is relatively simple; with regular maintenance, these type of heaters will unlikely experience issues that necessitate major repairs. Of course, the most basic of maintenance tasks is regularly checking the heater's air filters. Thankfully, maintaining forced air electric heaters does not require the owner to have a background in small appliance repair or general mechanics, which saves money one would spend on a heating and air condition specialist.

Disposable and Permanent Air Filters

Since an air filter's sole purpose is to provide the user's indoor area with clean air, the filter can quickly become obstructed by dirt and debris, both of which reduce forced air electric heaters' heating efficiency. If the filter remains clogged for an extended period of time, the electric heater's lifespan will be shortened. Generally, electric heating units come equipped with two kinds of filters – disposable filters and permanent filters. During the winter season, disposable air filters need to be checked on a monthly basis. However, permanent air filters must be cleaned in the manner explained by the unit's owner's manual. Although replacing a filter is not difficult, it does involve some slightly technical steps.

Checking and Replacing the Air Filter

First, shut the power off to the electric heater. After the unit is turned off, one must look for a panel or door on the forced air blower that is usually labelled "filter." After locating said door, unscrew the screws or lift the door of the hooks, depending on the way the model is designed. Once the panel or door is taken off, there should be a removable air filter under the furnace's motor. This filter can be slid out in order to see if it can be disposed of or simply cleaned; one can determine this by the instructions written on the filter. In the case of disposable air filters, all one needs to do is purchase a filter of the same size. When the filter has been replaced or cleaned, simply insert the filter into the unit and reattach the panel or door.

Other Maintenance Suggestions

With regular filter replacement or cleaning, owners of forced air electric heaters can enjoy furnaces that last for many years. However, there are other maintenance suggestions that when put into practice, can further the life of a heater's working condition. Besides filter changing, the owner can vacuum the area directly around the furnace in addition to all of the fan blades in order to remove debris and dust. Forced air electric heaters with oil ports can benefit from an application of several drops of motor oil of the non-detergent variety. Remember to inspect for worn belts located between the heater's pulleys and motor while cleaning the unit.

Forced Air Electric Heaters