Fireplace Electric Heaters

More and more people are switching from the traditional fireplace to use an electric fireplace which still has the look and feel of burning logs, using light technology. There are some benefits to purchasing one of these stylish inserts one of which is there is no risk of harmful fumes in the atmosphere of your home. While this has been done for centuries without much problem, modern medicine has made people more aware, and definitely more careful. You also will never have to go haul in wood from outside, or spend a day with the log splitter making sure your tinder will fit in your fireplace. Add to that the ability to add a fireplace to any room in the house, and a wide variety of stylish options, it becomes easy to see why people are switching to electric fireplaces to heat their homes.

There are many choices, and we will cover the basic styles. All models feature some kind of temperature control, and are usually hidden from view, or work by remote control. Depending on your needs, you will be sure to find one in the BTU range of your needs to heat your home.

Firebox Electric Heaters

These models work very hard to replicate the old time feel of an actual fireplace, in that they usually are made to resemble brick or other stone. There are models available which are open on both sides, and can be free standing in any open floor plan. You also have the option of purchasing a unit that will fit snug against your wall, and could even include a mantle. There are also a number of models available which use hardwood as the case, and may even include rollers on the bottom so a person can easily take the fireplace into any room of the house. Out of all the various options, these models are by far the easiest to install.

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Meant for people who have very limited floor space, or perhaps want to see the fireplace from farther away, the wall mounted fireplace is the right choice. You have the option of purchasing a model which hangs on the wall, or the flush mounted variety to maximize useable space. Generally these units will be very modern looking with a stylish and sleek design, and a wide selection of options.

Wood Burning Stove Electric Heaters

For those homeowners who are really looking to capture the look and feel of old times, the electric fireplace which resembles a wood burning stove may be the right choice. Typically these are made to look just like the real thing, with cast iron casings and strong sturdy legs.

Fireplace Insert Electric Heaters

For those of you who have an existing fireplace, you can easily find an insert that fits into your fireplace, and replicates the look of logs burning while producing heat for your home. Remember when purchasing a model like this that the opening measures differently at the front of the fireplace and at the rear in most cases. There is a wide selection of sizes available, so you will be sure to find one that meets all of your criteria.

Fireplace Electric Heaters