Convection Electric Heaters

When air is used to passed over a heating element, no matter what kind, this is typically referred to as a convection heater. There are many different styles, most make use of a fan for this process, but there are many that do not. Baseboard heaters for example are very likely to not use a fan as mother nature will pull the heat upwards, creating a vacuum beneath which is filled by cooler air. Sometimes the models which use a fan are referred to as a fan forced heating unit. These are by far the most common, and perhaps work just a little bit quicker to heat a room as the warm air is pushed outwards to spread through the area.

Space Electric Heaters

The small space heater is the convection heater most recognized by the average person, even though most electric heaters in homes work the same way. You can find a wide variety of sizes, wattage and colors and virtually all will have a built in adjustable thermostat. These units are generally very lightweight which makes them easily portable. Most often these are employed to heat a small area of a home where the main heating system just cannot keep up with the outdoor temperature drops. In this manner they are efficient in that you do not need to heat a whole house just so you feel comfortable in one room. Even the large manufacturers of whole house heating systems such as Dimplex or Honeywell make small convection electric heaters for use around the house. All of these are now required by law to provide certain safety features, such as an auto shut off when tipped.

Home Heating Solutions

You can find convection heaters for your home at just about any home improvement store, and have even more choices online. They can be to supplement your existing heating system, or used for an addition to your home such as a remodeled garage. There are even units designed to be mounted in the wall between the studs so that they take as little space as possible. This will allow for a homeowner to place the unit high enough that the air flow will clear all obstructions, and provide more efficient heating of the room. Some electric fireplaces also use convection heating while maintaining the look of a traditional fireplace. As technology improves, the fans operate more efficiently, and are quieter than ever before. This way you can run your convection heater and the sound of its operation will be negligible if even noticeable at all. No matter where you are planning to use your heater, there is sure to be a mounting kit available out there. Some companies have made heaters specifically to fit into corners along with ultra slim models for use against the wall in a small room.

Some homeowners make use of a variety of these heaters to come up with a custom tailored solution to best suit their living arrangements. This is quite easy to do as there are so many choices, it would be impossible to not find the system that would work the best for your needs.

Convection Electric Heaters