Commercial Electric Heaters

In order to keep a business running all year long, you will want your clientele to be comfortable visiting your establishment in all types of weather. Having a commercial heating system is essential for business, because the longer a consumer stays, the more likely they are to buy. Depending on the type of commercial establishment you run, you will have to factor in some certain conditions in order to select the best system to suit your needs.

Electric Fan Heaters

The most common of all commercial strength heating systems are the forced air units which force air over the heating element before blowing it in the required direction. Oftentimes a place of business will have higher ceilings than a residential building, so more powerful fans are needed. These models are generally more efficient when used nearer to the ground, but often feature more powerful blowers for ceiling mount applications. This is so that a business can get the maximum value out of the floor space. There are models available which can be installed over an entrance way, that creates an air curtain in order to prevent the loss of heat as clients enter and exit.

Radiant Electric Heaters

By far the most efficient, a radiant heater would be a wise choice for commercial applications that either have a small amount of space to heat, or need to heat an area for a prolonged period of time. There are several types available, such as the oil filled or ceramic models which operate by heating up slowly, and radiating the heat outward from the unit itself. Because of this they are the most efficient heaters of their kind. Once warmed to operating temperature, very little electricity is needed to keep the area comfortable. Generally these are the safest types of heaters available as they have a relatively low surface temperature. Some models are even small enough and safe to use even in a cubicle or next to a desk. Without a fan to create the heat, humidity is left higher so the overall atmosphere will be more comfortable. This also eliminates any problems a fan could create with loose papers or other debris. Regular maintenance is also less of an issue as there are no filters or fan blades to clean to maintain proper efficiency.

Infrared or Reflective Electric Heaters

If your business features large doors that frequently open and expose the inside to the weather, you might want to consider a heat source of this type. Infrared is directed at a specific location, and warms a large area directly by heating objects rather than air. One advantage is that a unit of this type is fully operational even in an outdoor setting. Depending on the size of your space, there are many options available. You can mount these anywhere, or purchase smaller models for portability if needed. The larger strength varieties will resemble with a floodlight or speaker box when mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Design your system

In many cases, especially with a large area, there will have to be a mix of heater types in order to properly deal with all factors. An infrared unit near the front entrance, backed up by either a radiant or forced air model to make sure all the bases are covered. What works best for your business is ultimately up to you, so be careful and consider all options with efficiency as well as heating capabilities in mind.

Commercial Electric Heaters