Car Electric Heaters

When living in a cold climate, sometimes waiting for your engine to warm up to defrost your windows wastes too much time. This can be alleviated by using a small electric heater for your car. Some heaters are designed for the interior, while others are meant for the engine compartment to make starting easier, and warm up quicker. Other times, a person with an older vehicle might not have the cash to replace a heater core, and opt for bypassing instead. This of course makes the car heating system non-functional, so an electric heater will be needed.

Block Electric Heaters

Probably the most common in colder climates, a block heater will keep your coolant and oil warm enough for an easy start. The heat radiating from the block will also help keep your batteries more efficient as well. Typically, a block heater is inserted into a freeze plug, where it will have direct contact with the metal of the engine block. Plugged into a standard A/C outlet, your car will be kept warm overnight and be much easier to start on those bitter cold mornings. Often you will find outlets for this purpose provided in some parking lots. In many cases to save electricity, they will cycle on and off for roughly 20 minutes at a time. This is still enough to keep the engine much warmer than the outside, and is welcomed when winter is at its worst. Most of these should be installed by a professional, although there are units available which simply rest under the hood, allowing anyone to make use of the block heater.


By far the most common use, as it can be some time before a car warms up, and without visibility you aren't going anywhere. There are several different styles, some being a long cylinder or rectangle which would sit at the bottom of the windshield across your dash. Another popular design is a dash mount version that looks almost like a GPS or radar detector. The higher end models usually need to be hard wired into the cars electrical system, and require a dedicated and fused ( often included ) electrical line. The advantage with models that plug into your cars electrical outlet is that they can be easily put under the seat or elsewhere when not in use. Many of these end up being dual use in that they will also keep the cabin space at a comfortable temperature for both the driver and passengers.

Interior Car Electric Heaters

Not to say these models will not aid in the defrosting of your windows, but they are designed more for use in heating the interior of the vehicle. You will find a lot more variety in this department, as there are units to fit in a large number of spaces. The most common of these is a small fan operated heating unit which heats the air with electric elements. This is best when needed to keep perhaps just the front or back seats warm enough to be comfortable. Some units are designed to operate beneath the seat and work quite well as heat naturally rises, so the fan can be much quieter.

Car Electric Heaters