Baseboard Electric Heaters

When designing a system to heat your entire home, the baseboard electric heater is a great way supplement other heat sources, as well as an alternative when installing in parts of the house not covered by your whole home heating unit.

Efficiently Out of the Way

One of the main advantages to a units such as these is the low profile design, making it rather easy to incorporate into an existing floor plan without the need to change the layout of your furniture. Since they are low to the ground, these units can be rather efficient since the heat will gradually rise to heat the entire room. For rooms with ceramic tile or a laminate which is often cold to your feet during the winter, an electric baseboard heater will also help in keeping the floor comfortable to bare feet.

Cool air is drawn into the bottom using convection, then passes over the heating coils and fins before being released through an upper vent. Rather than use a fan to blow the air where it is needed, good old mother nature takes care of this for us as the heat will rise up to fill the entire room without the need for an added electric device.

Plan Ahead

A factor which must be considered before installing one of these efficient units in your home is how easy the air can flow through the vents. If installed near a window where drapes might get caught in the draft created, there could be blockage which would greatly reduce efficiency. Not only would this inhibit the proper heating of the room, but it can also shorten the life of the unit overall. You would also not want to put a heater like this too close to any furniture which is pushed against the wall. The overall low profile of the design makes it easy to install in any open area, which make these issues very easy to avoid with just a little bit of planning.

While baseboard electric heaters are generally used in a room by room basis, you also will have the option of installing a remote line thermostat, which will make it very simple to incorporate into the heating plan of your home. Available in both 120Vac and 240Vac will ensure that you can find a heating unit to suit your needs.

Wide Variety of Electric Heaters

There are also a wide variety of models to choose from, meaning that a consumer working on just about any budget will be able to consider these units as an option. As always, you will want to consider whether the system you are interested in will be capable of heating the whole room by itself, or will need a separate counterpart to guarantee the proper comfort level. Wattage can vary from widely with the different models, and you will still have plenty of choices when it comes to overall appearance.

In order to ensure that you will be happy with your choice for years to come, be sure to pick a unit which will match the color scheme of your decor. Generally the most common colors will be one shade of white or another, and manufacturers have spent a great deal of money over the years to make sure their models will appear desirable.

Baseboard Electric Heaters